Dramix® steel fibres, from industry specialist Bekaert, have set a new standard for concrete reinforcement with their unique combination of flexibility and cost-efficiency. Making use of the ductility and high load bearing capacity of Dramix® reinforced concrete, Bekaert designs the cost effective floor solution.


Monofloor are floor construction project managers. providing specification, tender management, quality control, operator training, site supervision and surveying services for concrete floor construction throughout the world. Experts in the supervision of coloured ‘dryshake’ and fresh-on-fresh topping application, flat floor construction, and the control of large pour ‘jointless’ floor installations.


Permaban has been in the business of protecting joints for over 25 years. Today, alphajoint continues to set the standard by which other armoured joint systems are judged. With a wide range of options available, permaban permanent formwork and load transfer systems cover all budgets and performance requirements.


Somero Enterprises’ innovative products employ laser-guided technology to achieve a high level of precision on any floor project. Laser screed® concrete leveling equipment from somero, consistently achieves laser accuracy on various slump and mix designs, demonstrating proven performance with all floor  applications including radiant floor heating, steel fibre elevated and slab-on-grade. Higher production, concrete material savings, reduced labor and better quality floors is what Somero equipment can do for you.


Rocland offers a wide range of high specialised concrete floors products, such as: Industrial hardeners, “fresh on fresh” toppings, decorative floors, curing and sealing, cement overlayments. Rocland combines expertise and know-how in the production of dry-shake hardeners currently used for traditional concrete floors but also for flat and superflat floors. Our products are certified in many countries throughout Worlwide.

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